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You can now commission a bespoke poem on any topic of your choosing.

I run a project called #OnePoundPoems. You can find out more about it at www.onepoundpoems.com.

To date, we’ve appeared at DIY fairs, theatre pop-ups, and small press events. (We’ve even been booked for a wedding!)

At every event, I write poems on a vintage 1936 Remington Portable. On the spot, for a pound based on a topic of your own choosing. No hesitations. No backspace. Which is why it's always cash only and no refunds ;-) It's something absolutely unique and something I absolutely love doing.

I've decided to put this in the shop as I've been asked a few times afterwards for bespoke poems. And I've finally decided the answer is, Yes, I can. But not for a pound. Although I do poems for a pound at these events, the £1 price is a special "price" that's part of the experience. It's not really a price so much as a nominal token of a creative exchange of having a poem typed live in front of you on any topic you want, for you and only for you.

I still do the offline commissioned poems in the same way - spontaneously typed, no backspaces, no regrets. But it IS a different experience both for the reader and myself. It just feels more like, well, a standard commission...

SO. There's kind of a long answer to why I've put a £1 poem up for, well...£15. But if it makes you feel better, the £15 poems at least come with a bit of pretty paper packaging included :0)

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